Let’s begin with the fundamentals and delve into the meaning of soul and aura colours. The notion of soul colours was pioneered by the late Dolores Cannon, a practitioner of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), who, over 40 years, shared insights gathered from her clients’ sessions. During these sessions, it was revealed that each individual harbours a unique energetic signature or colour associated with their soul essence, reflecting various qualities, characteristics, and purposes of the soul.

You might have come across terms like DiamondIndigo, or Blue Ray souls in your research—these are the concepts I’m referring to. While one might presume that the source of our being is of one colour (typically white, gold, or translucent), Dolores discovered through her clients’ sessions that the answer to this question varies. This variation arises because we are fractals of the source, and the colour of our soul essence differs (e.g., green, blue, purple). Additionally, we also possess the colour of our aura, which envelops our body and differs from the colour of our soul essence.

Thus, there exist layers of colours representing different frequencies and vibrations of our being/source. It is when this divine fragment of our being extends into lower dimensions and densities that it can experience the rainbow spectrum of different vibrations and experiences—this is where the meaning of soul essence colours comes into play.

From my experience, within the soul matrix, there can be several essence colours. I often observe combinations like gold and green, silver and purple, or diamond and blue. On Earth, we have a vast number of human souls who are ancient, having traversed many star systems, and thus embody a mix of two to three rays of the rainbow spectrum.

Soul Colours

Soul Colours vs. Aura Colours Meaning

A person’s soul essence colour becomes the theme of their entire life, often persisting across many lifetimes. Conversely, a person’s aura colour can change over a short time or momentarily, depending on their current state of being. If a person experiences frequent mood changes, their aura colour will reflect these fluctuations. However, if they maintain a stable mood state for an extended period, their aura colour will remain consistent.  You can even have your photo taken to reveal your aura colours.  However, it is with greater exploration through a Galactic reading or Cosmic Wisdom Coaching that you can discover your soul essence colour/s which are a ‘humming’ constant in this lifetime.

The Shadow Side of Each Colour Ray

Each colour can manifest in its shadow, light, and healthy mediums. Especially during childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood, the frequency of the soul essence can be heavily influenced by conditioning from physical trauma. Unless individuals resolve the blocks within their limited human consciousness, they may not fully access their true soul essence frequency and gifts.

I’ve encountered many clients who couldn’t access their natural soul gifts due to severe trauma stored in their bodies. For instance, purple souls should naturally tune into higher realms, but childhood trauma or ancestral abuse can create blockages. This protection mechanism prevents lower astral psychic attacks when journeying into the astral realm.

Guiding You Towards Full Alignment

When coaching clients, one of the steps I take is to explore their soul essence colour and the qualities. If they’re not fully aligned, I encourage them to integrate that colour frequency into their daily lives through art, home décor, clothing, etc. Additionally, we practice techniques during coaching sessions to solidify this frequency. As they align their entire being with their soul essence colour, they begin to feel more clarity and courage to embody their divine human potential and soul purpose on Earth.

While I understand my clients’ soul essence colours from my initial investigations, it’s not until I guide them through a meditation exercise, either in person or on their own, that they truly connect with the colour that resonates best within their body.

As the body holds the truth of their being.

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Find your soul essence colour by booking in for a Galactic Astrology reading or signing up for one of the 8 week Cosmic Wisdom Coaching packages.

Much love

Gabby xx