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In the past 11 years of understanding more about my personality blueprint and the underlying reason why over time I ‘often’ felt not good enough, I also learned, that so many other people also hid this same feeling.

Through my coaching experience, I have gained valuable insight and knowledge that feeling like you’re not enough is a common struggle for many people. Shame can make us feel regretful and unworthy, which can lead to fear, anxiety, and insecurity.

If we look at the scale on the ‘Map of Consciousness’ which was devised by the late Dr David Hawkins, an internationally renowned spiritual teacher, psychiatrist, physician, researcher, and founder of The Institute for Spiritual Research, he used a technique called Applied Kinesiology, otherwise known as muscle testing, to document the nonlinear, spiritual realm.

When testing the body’s response to different emotions, thoughts, and beliefs, Dr Hawkins found that the body’s response was consistently strong when exposed to positive emotions, such as love, joy and peace, and weak when exposed to negative emotions, such as anger, fear and the lowest, shame.

So, if we are consistently in the lower scale of emotions, this can prevent us from being our authentic selves, reaching our goals and even living a fulfilling life.

To transcend from the lower scale, it is important that we are conscious of being mindful. Mindfulness is an important tool for changing lower-frequency emotions because it helps you become more aware of your emotions, observe them without reacting, regulate them effectively, and cultivate more positive emotions. This can be as simply taking a brief moment in your busy day, stopping and taking a breath and then asking yourself ‘what am I feeling’? If you are needing to shift your level of consciousness up the scale, you could follow up with some internal questions of ‘what am I grateful for’, or ‘what can I visualise that will bring me peace and joy’? Then, take another breath and wait for the answer and change within.

Feeling like you’re enough is crucial, as this means accepting who you are, avoids external validation and positions you in the consciousness scale of peace. It means you don’t need to prove yourself to anyone because you’re already complete just the way you are.

It’s important to remember that being enough is not something you can strive for – you already are enough. When you fully embrace this truth, you’ll feel a sense of relief and empowerment that everything you desire is already within reach. xx

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