A Little About Me

Hi there, I’m Gabby

Your Soul Purpose Navigator, Galactic Catalyst, and Holistic Guide.

With a profound passion for personal growth and development, I recognise the significance of tapping into hidden talents and uncovering your distinct cosmic identity.

My Starseed awakening journey commenced in 2012, propelling me to delve into both conventional and esoteric teachings, unlocking the ancient wisdom of my soul. Infused with prominent Andromedan, Sirian and Pleiadian codes, my soul’s story spans across many lifetimes and star systems, including originating as a Golden Dragon and a cosmic kneader.

With my natal Pluto aligned to the Super Galactic Centre, I’m committed to supporting others in transcending old patterns and constraining beliefs, to nurture personal evolution and ascension in this lifetime.

Thus, my healing path involves aiding others in unravelling their unique codes and harmonising them with their personal ‘stardust,’ catalyzing the activation of their highest potentials which aids to the continuing consciousness expansion and vibration of the Earth.

Gabby Lambkin standing in garden Zodiana Coaching
Gabby x

What you think you create

What you feel you attract

What you imagine you become

How can we help you?

Through our Life Coaching and Astrology consultation services, we aim to tap into your gifts and unleash your potential by equipping you with tools and strategies to conquer your objectives. Whether you’re navigating your soul’s purpose as a Starseed or embarking on a career transition, our collaborative efforts will shape a tailored blueprint that boosts your self-assurance and arms you with the essential proficiencies for success.

Our mission is to assist you in truly understanding yourself on an intellectual, emotional, and spiritual level.

"Using Astrology and Quantum Wisdom, we unlock invaluable self-knowledge as we coach clients with this very insight. Observing their personal growth and transformation brings us immense joy, as they tap into their blueprint gifts, Starseed identity, and spiritual expansion through our collaborative efforts".

Other things about me

World Traveller

I have travelled the world, visiting more than 40+ countries and have worked in multiple careers in customer service, sales, marketing, administration, travel and health, fitness & wellness coaching.

Home Life

I am also a wife, and a mother to two alluring teens, many furry friends and love all things health, fitness & the outdoors, including my ornamental and edible garden.