A Little About Me

Hi there, I’m Gabby

Your Soul Purpose Navigator, Cosmic Catalyst, and Transformational Guide.

With a profound passion for personal growth and development, I recognise the significance of tapping into hidden talents, uncovering your cosmic identity and finding your why.

My journey into the spiritual space began when my mum departed this earthly plane and transitioned to the spirit realm when I was 12 years old. Being the only girl and the youngest of six siblings, my teen years were filled with questions about the purpose of life and my existence.

I have always been highly sensitive to people’s energies and the subtle undercurrents of the world, often finding them overwhelming and unnerving. For a time, I coped with life by pushing these feelings aside, as I lacked the tools to understand and move forward. However, everything changed in 2012 when there was a change in the Earth’s magnetic field, marking the commencement of my spiritual awakening journey. This journey involved much healing and rewiring of my consciousness, propelling me to delve into both conventional and esoteric teachings to understand my purpose at surface and hidden levels, thus initiating the unlocking of the truth of my soul journey and the multidimensional universe.

Astrology has been a constant passion of mine since I was divinely guided to it in 2014 and combined with the additional influx of Galactic energy in 2020, I was further opened up to the spiritual realm. It has been since then that I’ve sought to understand the meaning of life here on Earth, within our galaxy, and beyond.

My soul’s story spans many lifetimes here on Earth as well as in the stars, with dominant Andromedan and Pleiadian codes.

In this life, I aim to help people by understanding what makes them special and guiding them to use their natural strengths. My goal is to contribute to making the world a better place by spreading positivity and helping everyone grow together.

My Big 3!

Pisces Sun, Virgo Moon, Leo Rising with my North Node in Aquarius.

Gabby Lambkin standing in garden Zodiana Coaching
Gabby x

What you think you create

What you feel you attract

What you imagine you become

How can we help you?

Through our Transformational Coaching and Astrology consultation services, we aim to tap into your gifts and unleash your potential by equipping you with tools and strategies to conquer your objectives. Whether you’re navigating your soul’s purpose, seeking depth & understanding as a Starseed or expansion in your business or career, our collaborative efforts will shape a tailored blueprint that boosts your self-assurance and arms you with the essential proficiencies for success.


Dedicated to the empowerment of those on a quest for deeper meaning, we provide transformational coaching to facilitate spiritual growth and mindful living. Our mission is to help individuals align with their authentic selves for soul expansion, whilst discovering the joy of purposeful living.


To be a catalyst for positive change by nurturing a community where each person’s unique journey is celebrated. We envision a world where self-discovery and spiritual alignment create a ripple effect of
compassion, understanding, and holistic well-being.

"Using Astrology and Quantum Wisdom, we unlock invaluable self-knowledge as we coach clients with this very insight. Observing their personal growth and transformation brings us immense joy, as they tap into their blueprint gifts, Starseed identity, and spiritual expansion through our collaborative efforts".

Other things about me

World Traveller

I have travelled the world, visiting more than 40+ countries and have worked in multiple careers in customer service, sales, marketing, administration, travel, community health & fitness & wellness coaching.

Home Life

I am also a wife, and a mother to two alluring teens, many furry friends and love all things health, fitness & the outdoors, including my ornamental and edible garden.