Hello Luminous One!

Are you ready to dream, sparkle and shine brightly inside and out? As this is why you are here.

Now, more than ever, is the time to give yourself permission to tune into your wisdom and authenticity that marches to the beat of your own drum.

To disrupt tradition and activate the Maverick within.

To embrace taking the lead and be a changemaker utilising your creativity.

To be free and truthful so you express yourself as you please.

Gabby Lambkin standing in garden Zodiana Coaching

A Little About Me

Hi there, I’m Gabby Lambkin.

As a passionate and multi-disciplinary soul-focused motivator, I use the ancient language of Astrology and the modern map of Human Design to tap into your individual wisdom and innate blueprint.  I combine this with my spiritual knowledge and coaching strategies to provide a practical and down-to-earth manner to bridge the seen and unseen worlds of energy.

As a Piscean, I naturally feel and understand the vast energies that are beyond our mind, our ego, our limited perceptions, and any one phase of our life.

We are huge vessels of energy connected to so many frequencies, that we can’t always compartmentalise.  It wasn’t until I commenced an expedition of self-discovery, that I was then able to discern the wisdom of my sensitivities and soul purpose in this life time.

What you think you create

What you feel you attract

What you imagine you become

The tools of Astrology and Human Design easily unlocked so much information about myself. I love coaching my clients with that same clarity.

My Journey

I starting my working career in travel, where I experienced 14 years in the retail, airline and wholesale sectors of the industry.  It was during my first Saturn return that I transitioned to working one-on-one in health and wellness roles to support the needs of the community.

As my journey evolved into growing a family unit, I branched out into the entrepreneurial space, owning and operating several small businesses since 2012.

How can I help you?

Working with me will support you in knowing yourself – from an intellectual, emotional and spiritual perspective.  It is this self-knowledge that makes you independent from the influence of others.  Knowing who you are and what you stand for gives you a sense of self-confidence, richness and resourcefulness.  

The core essence of what I do is help people understand themselves better.
Once we’re aligned with who we are, everything is possible.

  • How to step fully into your light and BELIEVE in your own gifts and talents
  • How to set crystal-clear clarity in your life and career, including your leadership and entrepreneurial qualities
  • How to set up powerful systems, procedures and structures that are deeply aligned with your core, supporting your work that allows you time to focus on what truly matters.
  • How to create amazing products and services that are unique to you.
  • How to avoid burnout, by reclaiming your soul energy and allowing it to lead automatically based on your energy type.
  • How to build strong foundations for you to grow from in your business and career.
  • Understand your preferred working style and location.
  • How to make correct decisions and mitigate risk that are unique to you.
  • How to become ‘unstuck’ to liberated.
  • How to overcome fear, worry, doubt and concerns
  • How to set strong boundaries and manage stress.
  • How to ‘manifest’ your earning potential.
  • How to embrace your authenticity and follow your ‘North Star’.

Other things to know about me

World Traveller

I have travelled the world, visiting more than 40+ countries and have worked in multiple careers in customer service, sales, marketing, administration, travel and health, fitness & wellness coaching.

Home Life

I am also a wife, and a mother to two alluring teens, many furry friends and love all things health, fitness & the outdoors, including my ornamental and edible garden.

Personal Journey

I passionately practice the practical & spiritual tools of Astrology and Human Design, and I BELIEVE these amazing navigators can make a huge difference and deepen the understanding of the fabric of life for you too!
Zodiana Coaching mandala