Our next soul ray in the soul essence series is the Indigo ray.

This is one of the most spoken about rays in the spiritual circles, due to the profound energy shift with the New Earth ascension, many thanks to the incarnated Indigo souls at this time in history.

The unique gift of the Indigo ray soul essence is the ability to see beyond the confines of physical reality and navigate the vast realms of the non-physical. These souls possess an innate intuition, a deep understanding, and a profound sense of knowing that sets them apart as gifted problem solvers.

Learn more about the Indigo ray or when you are in the presence of someone with an Indigo ray essence.

Indigo Ray Image

Indigo Ray – Problem Solvers

The Indigo ray soul essence is excellent at reading between the lines and discerning the true nature of things. Unafraid to challenge the status quo, Indigo ray souls often find themselves questioning outdated societal norms and expectations, especially in their youth, when they may rebel against conformity.

Despite their high standards and sometimes critical nature, Indigo ray souls are highly compassionate and feel deeply. If their physical bodies have endured trauma or abuse, they may experience spiritual attacks until they heal and raise their frequency enough to repel dark energies. Once healed and heart-centred, they can fully access their soul’s gifts.

Creativity flows effortlessly from the Indigo ray soul, with their creations emitting a high frequency that elevates others to spiritual realms. Linked to the Third Eye chakra, which governs intuition and transcending physical reality, Indigo ray souls enjoy activities like meditation, lucid dreaming, and visualisation. They possess an uncanny ability to predict the future and manifest their desires through powerful affirmations to the universe.

Indigo rays souls play a crucial role in Earth’s spiritual evolution, acting as guardians of sacred knowledge and agents of positive change. They collaborate with other groups to bring about a shift in consciousness, working tirelessly to restore balance and infuse the world with positive energy.

Therefore, the Indigo ray souls are psychic, intuitive, and spiritually limitless beings who guide humanity towards expansion, insight, and ascension. They serve as beacons of higher guidance, anchoring the frequencies of the New Earth and preparing the world for a profound shift in consciousness.


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