Following on from my previous Blog post on Soul & Aura Colour meanings, I am now going to deliver a series of posts to share my knowledge of the Soul Essence Colour explanations.

What I have learnt is that our Soul Essence Colour is the absolute foundation for shaping our decisions, actions and perceptions on a daily basis. At its core, our Soul Colour Essence carries a consistent theme towards our purpose, values, and aspirations, providing a compass to navigate the complexities of everyday life in our Earthly existence.

One of the most profound benefits of learning our Soul Essence Colour is the clarity it brings to our sense of purpose. When we have a clear understanding of what is humming deep below and what we hold dear, tasks and activities then become aligned with our fundamental values and long-term goals, which leads to a more authentic and meaningful existence.

With the emergence of technology in this Aquarian age, and discerning what is ‘Truth’, I’ll start with explaining the Blue Ray Souls.

Blue Ray Soul Colour

The Blue Ray – Peace and Truth

The Blue Ray soul’s gift to humanity is to bring peace and speak the truth. Because they can easily put themselves into other people’s shoes, they can innately understand all perspectives and reveal unifying solutions. They are the diplomats who can help resolve conflicting situations. They are the peacemakers.

There are different shades of blue ray souls. I have noticed that those who are light blue are more introverted, and those with royal blue are extroverts.

The light blue rays seem to embody compassion, the grace frequency of the divine mother. Often, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, or other female ascended masters play an important role in their life as their spirit guides. They are called to hold healing space for those who are tormented by guilt and shame. They are here to help us reconnect to the pure state of innocence. Before they realize the power of their soul frequency, they tend to allow others to mistreat them as they have a hard time saying no. They can become addicted to drugs or alcohol as a way of escaping the density of this world. It is important they learn to connect to a sense of peace inside their soul. When they mature and learn healthy boundaries, they find it easier to be on Earth. They are loyal, pure in heart, spiritual, intuitive, and tuned to Universal peace. They tend to be dreamers and prefer to be in their heavenly imagination rather than grounded on Earth.

Whereas, the royal blue rays are passionate about revealing hidden truths in our society, and they can become activists, rebels, and revolutionaries. They are not afraid to stir a few feathers if the outcome is balance and peace. They could act like human lie detectors because they can sense the frequency of a lie instantly. With Archangel Michael’s frequency aligned with this ray, they are the ones who call out any bullies, and they will go to great lengths until justice is served.

They feel called to leadership roles and have high integrity. They are dependable and have discernment; they focus on the next step. They are here to initiate change towards higher ideals and to restore peace and harmony on earth.

This Blue ray is connected to the Throat chakra and is all about communication. Their purpose is to bring divine will and infinite peace to the world. They are excellent communicators and sometimes choose art as a medium to convey their message. They bring balanced wisdom and provide harmonious perspectives so that all feel heard.


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Much love

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