In our next part of the soul essence series, we are discussing the Red Ray soul essence & aura colour.

The Red Ray souls light up our world with their unstoppable energy and drive, sparking action and getting things rolling. They’re the go-getters, often leading in sports or diving into activities that keep them moving. This energy can show up in multiple ways such as the warrior, the leader/ruler, the creator, the athlete, the hero and the guardian. This energy exemplifies the divine masculine.

Red Ray Image

Red Ray – Strength and Energy

Red Ray soul’s gift to the world is to bring energy and inspired action to this world. They are the ones that can start projects and get things done. They tend to be very active, adept at sports or focused on other physical activities. They also love being close to their family and friends, creating a sense of safety and security for their nearest and dearest by being in charge as the family protector. They can also enjoy being a part of the collective community and they are constantly going to and/or planning activities with others.

If in the shadow expression, they can become ego-driven, self-centered, demanding, and become angry easily if things are not going their way. They could become addicted to adrenaline activities and situations, addicted to drama too.

Red is associated with the Root chakra. This ray is all about the physical realm, strength, family, roots, security, survival, grounding.


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