Our final soul ray that we will discuss in the soul essence series is the Rainbow Ray.

The gifts of the Rainbow essence souls are their contagious joy, endless compassion, and creative energy. They love to spread positivity and love wherever they go.

Learn more about the rainbow ray essence or when you are in the presence of someone with a rainbow ray essence.

Rainbow Ray Image

Rainbow Ray/Iridescent – Divine Joy

The rainbow essence souls or Iridescent souls have been increasingly incarnating on Earth since the early 2000s, drawn here to aid in the planet’s ascension to higher frequencies.

You can spot them by their kind ways and laughter that spreads happiness around. It’s like they’re always having fun. Even though they look fragile, they have a strong spirit that comes from living in worlds filled with joy before coming to Earth. This is their first time here, and they usually are a bit smaller than others their age.

Rainbow essence souls are really sensitive and can get very sad when they see others suffering. Sometimes, they can even get sick because they feel so connected to people who are hurting. But they are very caring and always ready to help and forgive others, believing that people are naturally good.

Born to loving and peaceful families, often with Indigo and Crystal soul parents who have healed ancestral traumas, Rainbow souls anchor a high frequency of pure joy and playfulness on Earth. They are incredibly imaginative and creative, drawn to artistic pursuits and environments that nurture their adventurous spirit.

As they mature, they gravitate towards careers connected to art, nature, and creative self-expression, where their playful nature is celebrated and supported. Adaptable and eager learners, they excel in various skills and endeavors, their sociable nature and warm hugs bringing joy to all they encounter.

Therefore, the Rainbow essence soul uplifts humanity with their divine joy, creativity, and unwavering love, reminding us of the beauty and magic inherent in life.


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