Our next soul ray in the soul essence series is the Purple-Violet ray.

The gift of the purple-violet ray soul essence is to guide humanity towards transcendence, transformation, and spiritual enlightenment. These individuals possess deep wisdom, spiritual insight, and the ability to connect with higher consciousness. They serve as beacons of light, inspiring others to awaken to their true potential and elevate the collective vibration of the planet.

Learn more about the purple-violet ray essence or when you are in the presence of someone with a purple/violet ray essence.

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Purple/Violet Ray – Higher Order & Spirituality

The purple-violet ray soul essence brings a profound gift to humanity, guiding us towards transcendence and connection with our higher self. These individuals embody a deep spiritual wisdom and are easily attuned to the collective consciousness of ascended masters. Their mission is to creatively elevate the frequency of the planet and humanity as a whole.

With their artistic flair and spiritual insight, purple/violet ray souls possess a unique ability to illuminate the spiritual aspects of life and inspire others on their spiritual journey. Many find their calling in the healing and creative arts, while others become philosophers, teachers, or spiritual guides.

Despite often experiencing childhood abuse, purple-violet ray souls have a remarkable capacity for healing and transformation. They can transcend the trauma of their past and become powerful healers, guiding others towards healing and liberation.

Linked to the Crown Chakra, the purple-violet ray carries the highest frequency and represents a strong spiritual consciousness. These souls feel a deep calling to lead humanity towards a liberated state, often holding themselves to incredibly high standards. However, they may struggle with self-confidence, feeling the weight of their mission on their shoulders.

Purple-violet ray souls possess strong extrasensory perception and can tap into infinite intelligence and higher dimensions. They serve as a bridge between heaven and earth, teaching others to activate their own psychic abilities and connect with divine wisdom.

Therefore, the purple-violet ray soul essence embodies transcendence, transformation, and wisdom. These majestic souls guide humanity towards ascension and spiritual enlightenment, serving as beacons of light and inspiration on the journey towards a higher plane of existence.


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