Are you ready to reveal your soul magnificence in your life and career? Learn practical tools to restore, align and master your energy.

As we transition through a global reset, we are energetically being asked to connect and act upon our entrepreneurial spirit, to be an atom of creative brilliance and express possibilities that we cannot currently see.

You can be that change, to be the action & to be the inspiration.  You are here for a reason.  You are here because you have something to do, to share & experience.

Like a musical instrument, the more in tune you are with your fundamental energies, the higher vibration, the higher resonance, the higher amplification!

Once you discover your soul-level passions you will make informed decisions that illuminate your business and career position, leadership and style.

This is your time to shine your light, brighter than ever!

How we can work together

Discover your luminary talents

A 45min introductory session to discover your true essence, emotional nature and how you relate to the world. You will learn about your brightest and most influential energies of your personality and how the combination of your ‘big’ three placements, radiate your uniqueness, luminary talents, & soul purpose out into the world.  Learn the microcosm of your life experiences, including themes, cycles & patterns. This session is perfect for anyone new to understanding their fundamental energy or personal development.

Reveal your soul magnificence

A 90min session where you are taken on a deep dive to understand your natal cosmic blueprint that encompasses your natural gifts, talents, strengths, values and solutions to your vulnerabilities.  We explore your career route, your income and the best structure for your habits and routines. Additionally, we touch on your current career cycle as well as the inspirational and developmental energy of your personality. This session is perfect for anyone looking to maximise their everyday in their life and career.

Strengthen your business & career direction

A 90min forecast session that brings insight to the energetic cycles ahead in time.  In this session, we create a roadmap for you to be prepared and to navigate forward, so to avoid road blocks and deferment.  Gain insight into the themes and experiences in your current and upcoming timelines, to bring you enthusiasm, confidence and alignment for manifesting potential. A fabulous session to support a clear pathway for innovation, setting new and conscious intentions and planning ahead for the next 6-12 months.

Coaching clarity for your business & career

Soul aligned 1-1 coaching to activate your aspirations and goals.  Just like lanterns lighting up a path, these 90min sessions include a collaborative approach to learning and embracing your personal archetype, support and guidance in developing and enacting your objectives and solidifying your action plan with intentional steps to achieve your business or career goal.  The benefits include a greater awareness of behaviours, clear & concrete structure for your goals and alignment and focus of self-mastery.

I wish you an even deeper unfolding into knowing yourself, knowing your gifts, and believing in the power of your energy.

Hi, I’m Gabby Lambkin

Holistic Life & Career Coach, Astrologer, Spiritual Inspirer, Change Catalyst and Author. 

I am here to inspire you to become authentically empowered to express your soul purpose in your life and career.

My mission is to align you with your own unique brand of ‘stardust’ and for you to adopt your highest potentials.

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Ready to take the next step in personal growth?

Your core foundational energies are the heart and soul of who you are and what you were put here to do on this earth. The more you go within – the higher you will grow. Nothing outside of you has power over you. You decide how you think, feel and take action in your life. Take full ownership. Be accountable. Take responsibility and realise the joy in freedom. Are you ready to give power to yourself?