Discover Your Soul Wisdom

Soul wisdom carries the deep intuitive knowledge and understanding that has accumulated through various experiences and lifetimes, and it can provide guidance, clarity, and a sense of purpose in one’s life journey. It goes beyond intellectual knowledge and taps into a deeper level of consciousness.  
Use the below tools to gain some insight into your unique Soul Frequency & Consciousness.

Zodiac Wisdom

Below are the gifts of the soul frequencies for each zodiac sign.  You are not just one, but a combination of any of these characteristics, depending on many factors in your natal blueprint.  A great place to start is to refer to your Sun, Moon, Ascendant and career line, also known as your MC.

Use the flip boxes below to reveal more information.

Gaining an understanding of your soul frequency can be a transformative experience that provides valuable insight into the deepest aspects of your being.

It can help you connect with your fundamental values and aspirations, and uncover the essence of your true self.  This knowledge has the potential to cultivate a profound connection with your Innermost self, and guide you towards personal growth and fulfillment.

By exploring your soul frequency, you can unlock a deeper understanding of your life purpose and journey, and gain a greater sense of clarity and direction as you navigate the complexities of life.

Galactic Wisdom

Integrating fixed stars’ frequencies with Zodiac signs, adds an additional layer of meaning to the soul journey. 

Galactic Astrology delves into ancient aspects of your being and reveals soul experiences across lifetimes and star systems. By exploring your origins and connection to different star races, we can uncover your soul mission. Your mastered characteristics form your genius, carrying your unique coding for life vision and service to humanity.  

Discover gifts, frequencies and consciousness associated with common fixed stars that Earth souls have had associations with, in particular those who identify as Starseeds and Lightworkers.

Use the flip boxes below to reveal more information.


Pleiadian Starseed

Altruistic & concerned for the welfare of others
Skilled communicator
Quick-witted with a good sense of humour
Respectful & mindful of others' feelings & cultures
Loyal & devoted to commitments & relationships
Motivated by a clear purpose or mission
Strong sense of intuition
Calm and composed in adversity


Sirian Starseed

Self-assured & confident
Charismatic, courageous & inspiring
Resilient with a positive outlook
Magnetic & builder of strong connections
Self-reliant & takes ownership of responsibility
Creative & a visionary
Influential through words, actions or ideas
Balances truth & justice with knowledge & wisdom


Arcturian Starseed

Strong leadership qualities
Passionate for service to others
Curiosity for learning & thirst for knowledge
Creative with a strong imagination
Interest in metaphysical topics
Originality, talent for innovation & problem-solving, create solutions to complex problems
Strong psychic abilities
Strategic planner & problem-solver


Andromedan Starseed

Values independence & personal growth over social norms
Independent & Self Reliant
Possesses exceptional problem-solving abilities
Skilled in digital technologies
Willing to take risks & try new experiences
Highly motivated & goal-oriented
Skilled at building relationships & resolving conflicts
Resilient & adaptable


Orion Starseed

Compassionate activists
Inspiring entrepreneurs
Logical & tasked focused
Opinionated & critical
Wisdom seekers
Sensitive & independent
Humorous & funny


Lyran Starseed

Active, energetic & adventurous
Natural authoritative leaders
Emotionally strong
Tactical & solution focused
Attracted to magic, metaphysics & advanced technology
Fearless, passionate & grounded
Natural affinity with animals
They may feel like an old soul


Hyadian Starseed

Uphold high standards of integrity
Lead by example
Hard working
Intuitive & emotional intelligence
Enhanced intuition & logic
Proficient at organisation & planning
Wisdom keepers & protectors of peace
Exhibits creative self-expression in all forms of art


Draconian Starseed

Strong-minded & determined
Unwavering in achieving goals
Competitive & loves to win
Quest for power
Intense & passionate
Intuitive & confident in their abilities
Learning to balance the light & dark aspects of their frequency


Polarian Starseed

Loyal, consistent & down-to-earth
Determined & persistent
Fantastic friend & supporter
Group orientated & peacemakers
Values community & conversation
Deep connection with all living things
Prefers structure & rules
Interests in creative fields


Hadarian Starseed

Extremely empathic
Experts In personal growth & enlightenment
Emanate pure love & joy through all they connect to
Receptive to new ideas & experiences
Playful & fanciful disposition
Innate inclination towards the service industry
Family orientated


Pegasus Starseed

Resilient with tenacity & perseverance
Creative talents accompanied with intelligence
Prefer to belong to a group
Acceptance & resignation of issues that cannot change
Interested in the arts & sciences
Guarded emotionally & analytical
Skilled at establishing firm energetic limits


Aquilan Starseed

Knowledgeable with a deep understanding of multiple subjects
Exhibits wise judgment & known for insights
Commitment to deep faith or particular set of beliefs, practices or traditions
Possesses grit, determination & willpower
Ability to inspire others
Firm in convictions & resistant to change
Potentially powerful through influence or authority


Spican Starseed

Detail-oriented with a focus on precision & accuracy
Truth-seekers & intellectual conversationalists
Introverted & some-what shy around outsiders
Sensitive to others energy, emotions & intentions
Natural emotional & physical healers
Desire to live a holistic & organic lifestyle
Ability to see patterns that others may not see
Deep appreciation & connection to nature, plants, trees & animals


Cassiopeian Starseed

Loving & compassionate
Excellent at communicating, teaching & leading
Equality & social justice advocate for universal human improvement, regardless of race or ethnicity
Strong intuition & potential for psychic abilities
High EQ, skilled in reading others' spiritual, mental, and emotional state
Interest in metaphysical topics & study
Selfless humanitarians & humble

Royal Stars

(Guardians of the Sky)​


Aldebaran Starseed

Guides, guardians & protectors
Responsible & Born leaders
Manifesters of wealth & prosperity
Uphold high standards of integrity & justice
Wisdom keepers
Diplomats & master communicators
Catalysts for others awakening & supporters of human evolutionary consciousness
Connection to Archangel Michael


Antares Starseed

Proficient In comprehending complex topics
Strategic & forward-thinking
Skilled in planning & accomplishing long-term objectives
Serves as a stargate & portal
Inspires higher consciousness in others
Blueprint masters
Connection to Archangel Uriel


Regulus Starseed

Gifted in healing with mystical & magical abilities
Exhibits refined tastes and regal demeanour
Kind, uplifting, and surrounded by many friends
Drawn to fairy lore, nature magic, statues and new age beliefs
May have a profound sense of being angelic beings in human form
Connection to Archangel Raphael


Formalhaut Starseed

Inspiring words filled with compassion and grace
Sensitive souls longing for unity with God/Source, nature, and harmony
Deep connection to Christ's teachings and early affinity for praying to Jesus
Turning pain into strength and teaching effective communication
Developing healthy boundaries and avoiding exploitation
Connection to Archangel Gabrielle

For a more in depth understanding of your soul journey and archetype, book in for a Galactic Astrology reading or for soul development, work with me 1-1 in the Cosmic Wisdom Coaching program.