Galactic Deep Dive


A deeply enriching experience that expands your consciousness.

* 90 minute reading in person or via Zoom

* Recorded for easy playback

* Galactic Astrological chart PDF included


Capture the richness and complexity of your dynamic and multidimensional self

  • Explore Your Multidimensional Self: Delve into the complexity of your essence, uncovering layers of cosmic identity and connection
  • Discover Your Cosmic Origin: Learn about your soul’s origin and its journey across the galaxies, revealing deeper insights into your purpose and existence
  • Understand Your Soul’s Mission: Gain clarity on your soul’s purpose and mission in this lifetime, aligning yourself with the cosmic flow of creation and evolution
  • Connect with Galactic Councils: Explore your connection to higher realms of consciousness and cosmic governance, accessing wisdom and guidance for your journey
  • Embrace Soul Essence Colors: Understand the vibrational essence of your soul through the colours that define your energy, enhancing your understanding of self and connection with the Source

* 90 minute reading

* Suggested Optional Extra – Cosmic Wisdom Coaching

* A Minimum 48 hours notice required prior to booking

After you have completed your purchase, you will be sent a link to my booking page to choose a day and time that suits you.  Due to the extensive ‘behind the scenes’ research to learn your soul essence, I require a minimum of 48 hours notice.  I look forward to working with you!


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