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Life Coaching embodies a forward-looking process of transformation. As coaches, we form a partnership with you as you journey toward change. Our role encompasses providing guidance and fostering accountability, enabling the realisation of your transformational vision. Leveraging our expertise in business, health, fitness, and wellness, we stand by you, facilitating comprehensive lifestyle shifts that nurture a resilient self. This transformation equips you not only to amplify your influence in both your business and the world but also to achieve your personal success objectives.
The essence of coaching lies in self-transformation. Throughout our coaching journey, we navigate the stages of self-discovery, helping you crystallise your aspirations and ultimate vision. Together, we delve into your values, mission, and profound truths, ensuring your goals align seamlessly with your most authentic self. Collaboratively, we set precise milestones for your career and business, while prioritising your well-being to fortify your commitment to your work. Our collective focus then turns to charting a route to success—converting your vision into tangible reality. Following this, we engage in the phases of achievement and execution: we encourage you to tap into your existing creativity and power, empowering you to act on the grand plans you’ve envisioned for your life. Every session offers you the assurance of being heard, understood, and seen. Side by side, we navigate the challenges that arise on your journey to success.

In our coaching framework, we employ two powerful tools that shape a transformative journey: Quantum Soul Guidance and Results Coaching.

Quantum Soul Guidance: This innovative approach merges the realms of quantum physics and spiritual guidance. Quantum physics, the science of subatomic particles’ behavior, introduces concepts like superposition and entanglement that challenge classical cause-and-effect ideas. Paired with spiritual guidance, where individuals tap into deeper wisdom, Quantum Soul Guidance fuses these worlds. It harnesses the universe’s interconnected and non-linear nature, enhancing your reception of spiritual insights. Imagine a connection between quantum processes and tapping into your inner wisdom or higher consciousness for guidance, illuminating your path uniquely.
Results Coaching: Rooted in goal attainment, Results Coaching propels you towards specific achievements across life areas. We begin by clarifying your goals, be they in personal growth, career advancement, or lifestyle enhancements. Then, we collaboratively design actionable plans tailored to your objectives. Holding you accountable, we guide you through obstacles and challenges, nurturing problem-solving skills and overcoming limiting beliefs. What sets Results Coaching apart is its focus on quantifiable progress and measurable outcomes. Regular check-ins ensure you stay aligned with your goals within a defined timeframe. Your journey is adaptable, evolving based on your progress, and guided by feedback and adjustments.
Embracing both Quantum Soul Guidance and Results Coaching empowers you to journey through transformation, tapping into the depths of your essence while achieving tangible results. This synergy is where your aspirations meet the profound wisdom within.

Coaching caters to individuals committed to their well-being, offering personalised one-on-one guidance, accountability, and unwavering support on their journey toward achievement. Our clientele encompasses a diverse range, from spiritual entrepreneurs and creatives to business owners, startup founders, and trailblazers. We wholeheartedly engage with those who embrace curiosity, are ready to venture into uncharted territories, question established norms, and devise ingenious approaches that resonate with their soul’s calling.

We are on the lookout for clients who hold in high regard the significance of collaboration and the potency of collective growth. Our intention is to foster support for the inevitable evolution of consciousness frequency in individuals and the Earth itself. Through our collaborative efforts, we seek to be catalysts for positive transformation, navigating this profound shift with unity and shared purpose.

Following an introductory discovery call, during which we gain insight into your personal journey, your life’s narrative, and your aspirations, we proceed to craft a tailored action plan. The duration of our coaching engagement, spanning from 3 to 6 months, and the frequency of our sessions, held bi-weekly for an hour, are determined in alignment with your unique requirements. This timeline is influenced by factors such as your existing knowledge foundation, assimilation of new insights, the dedication invested in your goals, and the commitments you’ve made to your personal growth.

As a holistic life coaching service, we work with clients who are seeking to spiritually evolve, to have the consciousness to want to be of service to others, and contribute to the balance of our earth. While we are dedicated to helping clients make the necessary changes for their success, we do not offer counselling services. We cannot diagnose and treat mental illness. We work with clients who face challenges with life direction, stress, anxiousness, self-care, and general wellness. Counselling, on the other hand, thoroughly assesses and addresses deep trauma issues from the past.

Your Natal Astrology chart is a cosmic road map representing the spiritual potential that existed at the moment of your birth. You are the material representation of that moment: the placement of the planets and how those energies converge and imprint upon your disposition, your environment, and your unique life path. Your chart can help you get a sense of your whole self while also decoding the current cycles of your life and the future cycles you have yet to encounter.
By exploring your natal chart, you can uncover your gifts, your deep-seated beliefs, values, your passions, and your true calling in this world. You can tap into the power and energy that allows you to achieve your life’s work in a way that feels authentic and natural.

The cosmic dance of stars and planets unfolds ceaselessly, with the energies at your birth intricately tied to that precise moment. Ensuring utmost accuracy, we emphasise the significance of having the exact birth time for a true reading. A mere four-minute discrepancy could trigger substantial shifts in your chart interpretation. Therefore, we encourage you to take proactive steps in verifying your birth time. This proactive effort significantly enhances the precision of the insights you’ll receive.
Should unravelling your birth time remain a mystery, we do have two alternatives. We can either create a chart based on a 12 noon time, acknowledging that this limits the outcome of potential information.
Or, alternatively, we can recommend a chart rectification process. We do advise first exhausting avenues to secure an accurate birth time, maximising the richness of your reading and greatly supporting for the coaching programs.
You can also check-out my article “What if I don’t know my birth time and how can I work around it“. This article provides more detail on how to find your exact time of birth.
And, if all else fails, please contact me directly for a referral to my Astrology Mentor for this process.

As we delve into astrology readings, they offer a window into your realm of possibilities, allowing us to glimpse the potential that lies ahead. It’s pivotal to recognise that while these insights are enlightening, the ultimate course you navigate is under your control. The future remains an open canvas, void of predetermined certainty. Our intention is not to predict the future but to empower you with tools that enrich your decision-making process and amplify your potential.
Your natal chart’s revelations are a guide for informed, growth-centred choices that enable you to harness your potential. By aligning your decisions with your aspirations, you pave the way for the success and future you envision. Each choice you make sets forth a ripple effect of events, illustrating the powerful connection between your present decisions and future outcomes. The locus of influence rests in the present moment, granting you the power to steer your course.
Your free will emerges as the driving force propelling your life journey onward. As guides, we consistently advocate for you to embrace this power vested within you. The path you tread is a manifestation of your choices and intentions. Through nurturing your ownership of this innate power, you seize the reins of your journey and craft a future aligned with your vision.
In essence, our mission revolves around facilitating your empowerment and enlightenment. As we navigate this path together, remember that the compass of your destiny lies within your choices and actions. It’s a journey that is not only yours but one you shape with the choices you make.

Just as your natal Astrology chart unveils intricate details about your personality, Human Design offers an equally precise pathway to self-discovery. This transformative system is a roadmap of your personal energy field, unveiling profound insights into the composition of your conscious and unconscious mind. It’s a fusion of the Kabbalah, I’Ching, Myer-Briggs, Astrology, and the chakra system, forming a comprehensive tapestry of understanding.
In our Quantum Wisdom Coaching packages, we integrate Human Design, recognising its potential to provide an additional layer of insight for navigating and manifesting in your daily life. The complexity of this system prompts us to focus on pivotal elements within a client’s bodygraph: their type, profile, strategy, and not-self theme. These aspects, while seemingly concise, yield a wealth of information, offering a profound depth of insight into your personality.
In our shared journey, we prioritise understanding these aspects as they serve as a cornerstone for guiding you through your coaching experience. By delving into these facets, we offer you a valuable lens through which to comprehend your unique makeup, empowering you to make conscious choices in alignment with your true nature.

Galactic Astrology connects to the fixed star alignments to access your Akashic records to reveal your past lives, both here on earth and in different star systems. A safe and secure space is created by using psychic alignment meditation, incense, crystals and sound vibrations before presenting the extensive report either in person or via Zoom. The session is finished up with Galactic Oracle Card pull for further guidance. The intent is to assist in the release of blocks and issues brought forward from the past, to clarify your life purpose and to connect you to your higher wisdom.

A human who’s soul is part of source is a Starseed. This means that a person’s soul is a fabric of the universe. A Starseed is a soul that has evolved elsewhere outside of Earth many times prior to coming to Earth and has had many experiences outside of Earth either in a body or as a light body. Many Starseeds have been on Earth cycle after cycle, and are direct descendants of star races, known as their galactic family. Additionally, many Starseeds are not aware of their soul journey due to the ‘veil of forgetfulness’ in this 3rd density plane and have a deep feeling of belonging elsewhere.

Dolores Cannon was a renowned American author and hypnotherapist known for her work in the field of past-life regression and metaphysical subjects. In her book “The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth,” Dolores discusses the concept of three waves of volunteer souls who have come to Earth to assist with its transformation and evolution. According to her research through past-life regression and hypnotherapy, she describes these waves of volunteers as follows:
First Wave: The First Wave of volunteers are the pioneers who came to Earth to lay the foundation for the transformation of human consciousness. They arrived in the first few decades of the 1900’s and faced significant challenges and feelings of not belonging. They often felt like misfits in the society of their time and worked on raising awareness and consciousness.
Second Wave: The Second Wave of volunteers began arriving in the 1950s and 1960s. They were born into the baby boomer generation and helped to further the efforts of the First Wave. These individuals are often referred to as “indigo children” and are characterised by their strong sense of purpose, spiritual awareness, and a desire to challenge the status quo.
Third Wave: The Third Wave of volunteers started coming to Earth in the 1980s and continues to the present day. They are often called “crystal children”. These individuals are highly evolved and possess unique spiritual gifts and insights. They are here to complete the work of the previous waves and assist in the final stages of Earth’s transformation into the Age of Aquarius.

In our collaborative approach, we ensure that all Natal Astrology and Galactic Astrology Readings are meticulously recorded, swiftly uploaded, and promptly sent to your inbox within 24 hours of the session’s conclusion.
Recognising the confidential nature of our coaching interactions and the sensitive information exchanged, we have chosen not to record the Cosmic Wisdom Coaching sessions to preserve your privacy. If you find value in having a recording of these sessions for your personal reference, we are more than willing to accommodate your request.

We offer you a variety of secure payment options to choose from when making a purchase with us. These options include PayPal, Credit Card (via PayPal), or the convenience of an emailed invoice for a direct deposit.