Your natal Astrology chart is a cosmic road map representing the spiritual potential that existed at the moment of your birth. You are the material representation of that moment: the placement of the planets and how those energies converge and imprint upon your disposition, your environment, and your unique life path.  Your chart can help you get a sense of your whole self while also decoding the current cycles of your life and the future cycles you have yet to encounter.

By exploring your natal chart, you can uncover your gifts, your deep-seated beliefs, values, your passions, and your true calling in this world. You can tap into the power and energy that allows you to achieve your life’s work in a way that feels authentic and natural.

The stars and planets are in constant motion, meaning the cosmic energies surrounding your birth are dependent on the time that it occurred. It is important to have the most accurate birth time in order to give you the most accurate reading—even a four minute time error could result in a major change in your chart. While I am happy to work with you to give you a reading with integrity, I encourage you to do as much as you can to verify your birth time in advance.

If it is impossible to figure out your birth time, we have two choices: we can either cast a 12noon chart or refer you for a chart rectification process. Both of these options will limit the potential for predictive work even further.  It’s always ideal to rule out the possibility of getting an accurate birth time first.

While astrology readings show your realm of possibility, you ultimately decide how you navigate your path. Therefore, I can’t predict the future, and the future is not set in stone. What you discover in your chart can help you make growth-oriented decisions and leverage your potential, so you can orient yourself towards the success and the future you desire. Every choice you make dictates a series of events in your life.  The point of power is always in the present moment. Your free will determines your lifeforce going forward.  Therefore, I always encourage my clients to  own their power.

Much like your natal Astrology chart, Human Design is an incredibly specific way to learn more about your personality. It is a revolutionary system that maps your personal energy field, giving precise and profound insight into the energetic makeup of your conscious and unconscious mind. It is a mix of the Kabbalah, I’Ching, Myer-Briggs, Astrology and the chakra system all in one.

Due to the complexity of this system, I focus on the three most important aspects of a clients bodygraph.
a) Strategy – how you exert your energy and exchange it with the people around you
b) Authority – how you make decisions that are individually correct
c) Profile – the role or ‘costume’ that you wear in this life. Your point of differentiation
These aspects alone are a wonderful layer to understanding your personality in depth.

Coaching is a future focused process of transformation. As a coach, I partner with you on your path to change. I provide guidance and accountability so you can achieve your vision of transformation. With my expertise in business, health, fitness and wellness, I’ll support you in making holistic lifestyle changes needed to build a stronger, more resilient you, so you can increase your impact in your business and the world while achieving your personal goals for success.

Coaching is about self-transformation. Through coaching we’ll go through the discovery stages: getting clear on what you want and your ultimate vision. From there we will pinpoint your values and mission, your deep truths, and assure that your goals are congruent with the most authentic version of you. Together we will create clear goals for your career and business, and we’ll assure your health is on track to sustain your work. We then chart the path to success—how to make your vision a reality. Then comes achievement and execution: I’ll support you as you unleash the creativity and power that you already possess, so you can act on the big plans you have for your life. You’ll leave each session feeling heard, understood and witnessed. Together we will navigate obstacles on your path to success.

Coaching is for healthy individuals who are seeking 1:1 advice, guidance, accountability, and support to reach their goals. My clients extend to spiritual entrepreneurs & creatives, business owners, startup founders and mavericks who are self-motivated, driven, and willing to build a foundation necessary to reach their goals.

After an initial discovery session where I learn more about you from a personal perspective, a little about your life, and your career goals, we put an action plan into place. Depending on the amount of sessions that you require, career coaching can take place from 3 weeks to 3 months, either at weekly or fortnightly sessions. The time varies depending on the comprehension of your new learnings, efforts and commitments to your goals.

As a holistic business and career coach, I work with clients who want to advance their careers while feeling great in their bodies and lives in general. While I am dedicated to helping my clients make the business and lifestyle changes necessary for their success, I am not a counsellor. I cannot diagnose and treat mental illness. Nor do I do deep emotional work related to past traumas. I work with clients who face challenges with business, stress, self-care, and general wellness. Counselling, on the other hand, thoroughly assesses and addresses issues from the past.

The Mini Dip, Deep Dive and Roadmap Magic sessions are recorded. Given the confidential nature of coaching and what’s shared, the Pathfinder coaching sessions are not recorded for privacy reasons.  However, if requested, these sessions most certainly can be recorded.

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