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Your life is your story, and the adventure ahead of you is the journey to fulfil your own purpose and potential. Read my story in this new book - out now!


We were born into this world to be funny, emotional and to live a human vibrant life. As we moved into 2020, the world started changing by a global reset in all things power, politics and financial systems. This is a time more than ever to find the most enjoyment in our life and careers so we can fulfil our personal calling… some call it their soul purpose.

Life is unpredictable, but how we respond to life is within our control. Just by uncovering the passion-fuelled potential hidden inside of you and matching your energetic frequency of the reality you want, the powerful forces of nature naturally become joyful and expansive.

There’s no need to navigate without a map and guidance. You can finally give yourself permission to do what you were always born to do all along!

We are constantly balancing inner and outer aspects of ourselves in order to better fit in, to become more successful, or to find love. We are moulded as children by our parents, teachers, religions, peers, and society to “fit in.” As a result, we develop beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and behaviours that keep us acting in the ways we were taught to act. We are driven to find “our place” in society, but really deep down, we want to be respected for who we truly are and what we have to contribute.

Read how I found my authenticity

In this recently released anthology of stories, Going Against the Grain, I share my personal journey of self-discovery; genuinely appreciating self-awareness, self-acceptance and how I found my passion of Astrology, Human Design and spirituality.  Read a few book bites below…

Book bites

“I’ve always believed there was something past the beyond, as I could ‘feel’ there was more to the world than met the eye.”

“It’s our self-knowledge that makes us independent from the influences of others.  Knowing who we are and what we stand for gives us a sense of self-confidence and resourcefulness.”

“We can be truly authentic if we use our strengths and work on our weaknesses to give back to our society in a positive way, and become our true self.”

“Understanding my unique natal blueprint has made a profound impact on my journey in this lifetime. It has given me permission change my story to achieve personal transformation emotionally and spiritually.”

Coaching you to your individual freedom and liberation in your life and career using the vibration of the Cosmos.

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I am looking forward to helping you find your authenticity and witnessing your journey of self-development.