Continuing with our learnings in the soul essence series, we are now exploring the Green Ray.  People with green essence are a beacon of unconditional love, healing, and generosity. With their caring hearts and nurturing spirits, they remind us all to cherish the beauty of the natural world and to always treat each other with kindness and compassion.

Learn more about the green ray or when you are in the presence of someone with a green ray essence.

Green Ray Image

Green Ray – Healing and Support

The green ray is like a gentle breeze, bringing healing and support wherever it goes. Their special gift to humanity is their ability to nurture and care for others, just like a loving gardener tends to their plants. You’ll often find them as stewards of the Earth, deeply connected to nature and all its creatures.

In their presence, people feel a sense of ease and comfort, knowing that they can rely on them for help and guidance whenever they need it. They are the healers and caretakers of the world, pouring love and compassion into everything they do.

But sometimes, their kindness can be taken advantage of. When they forget to set boundaries and prioritise their own well-being, they can find themselves feeling drained and unfulfilled. However, once they learn the importance of self-love and healthy boundaries, they become even more energised and joyful.

Many green rays come into this world feeling a sense of sadness or grief, often stemming from a lack of love and emotional nurturance in their upbringing. But their mission on Earth is to heal the heart, both their own and others’, and to rediscover the unconditional love that resides within them.

Connected to the heart chakra, the green ray is all about love, care, and service to others. These souls are here to restore balance and harmony wherever they go, whether it’s in relationships, situations, or even within themselves. Messy places and conflicts may unsettle them, but they always strive to bring peace and tranquility wherever they are.

With Archangel Raphael watching over them, green rays often find themselves drawn to healing professions or offering practical services to those in need. Their connection to nature is profound, and you’ll often see them with “green thumbs,” effortlessly nurturing plants and animals alike.


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