Natal Astrology

Natal astrology reveals the cosmic story of your time here on Earth. Often described as a road map for the soul, the natal chart explores the unique characteristics and life path of an individual based on their planetary alignments to the sun, the moon, as well as planets and other cosmic objects within and outside of our solar system.

Many people find natal astrology to be a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth, offering validation of their experiences and empowering them to navigate their life journey with greater awareness and alignment with their true nature.

Natal astrology is a great foundation that serves as a profound resource for those seeking guidance, insight, and validation in understanding themselves and their place in the universe.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of holistic self-discovery?

Natal Magic

Investment – $111 AUD

Uncovering your unique attributes and identifying areas for development.

In this reading, we explore:

  • Reveal your personalised roadmap for optimising this life journey, harnessing the interplay of your planetary energies. We’ll delve into the mastery of effectively presenting your talents to the world
  • Acquire valuable insights into your personal and financial mindset, core values, innate motivations, fortunate domains, and untapped potential. These insights pave the path for your ongoing personal growth
  • Delve into the intricate connections between your daily routines, relationships, and inner mechanisms. This profound awareness will empower you to channel your distinctive energy, enhancing your innate life direction

An enriching reading that supports you to navigate your everyday life including a deeper understanding of your personality archetype.

Natal Deep Dive Report

  • A customised report to help you delve into your Natal Blueprint Chart
  • Embark on a journey of self-exploration & personal growth

  • Receive insights about your major life lessons, personality traits & hidden desires

  • Navigate your life’s journey with clarity & purpose

  • 30+ pages

Optional extras

A – Natal Magic

B – Galactic Illuminations

C – Cosmic Wisdom Coaching

Investment – $122 AUD

Astrology serves as a tool for empowerment and self-discovery. By delving into the unique configurations of your Natal Blueprint chart, you embark on a journey of self-exploration and personal growth.

A natal blueprint chart captures the positions of the sun and planets within our solar system at the moment of your birth on Earth. It illustrates the energy you’ve agreed to express and experience, offering insights into major life lessons, personality traits, hidden desires, and guidance towards your soul’s purpose.

A Deep Dive Natal Blueprint Report unveils your soul’s DNA, providing an understanding of your soul agreement in this lifetime. It offers a transformative journey into the depths of your universal self and represents a valuable investment in your personal growth and fulfillment.

Included in our elegantly designed Deep Dive Natal Blueprint Report are insights that empower you to navigate your life’s journey with clarity and purpose.