Galactic Astrology

Galactic Astrology introduces us to the truth of consciousness beyond Earth. It delves into the profound cosmic journey of the soul, unveiling its connection to other star systems throughout our universe and beyond.

As the old structures and systems that have bound Earth’s inhabitants within a 3rd Density Consciousness Matrix for the past 12,500 years dissolve, the veil of perception for countless souls is shifting. Ancestral programming and patterns are being dismantled, giving rise to new realities and timelines.

With the transition into the Age of Aquarius, many will recollect their truest essence at the soul level. Those souls who embarked on their journey in other star systems, galaxies, and universes before arriving on Earth are known as Starseeds. Through the alignment of fixed stars and the exploration of the Akashic records, which unveil past lives on Earth and in different star systems, we can assist you in unveiling your distinctive cosmic path and its connection to your current life.

Galactic Illuminations


A Galactic Illuminations consultation encompasses a range of topics, including:

  • Soul Origin in relation to the initial separation from Source
  • The chronology of your soul’s history beyond Earth
  • Galactic past life themes
  • Your soul’s essence colors
  • Your team of spirit guides
  • Connection to extraterrestrial organisations
  • Karmic connections
  • Gifts and challenges in this lifetime linked to your soul’s journey in other star systems
  • Your soul’s plan and mission