Galactic Astrology

Galactic Astrology introduces us to the truth of consciousness beyond Earth. It delves into the profound cosmic journey of the soul, unveiling its connection to other star systems throughout our universe and beyond.

Due to the increased gravitational influence of the Galactic Centre, which is the rotational centre of our Milky Way galaxy, there are now significant high-energy particles affecting the magnetic field of the Earth. This, in turn, is stimulating the vibrational frequency of the planet as well as its inhabitants – all living life, including humans.

Therefore, in reality, old structures and systems that have bound Earth’s inhabitants within a 3rd Density Consciousness Matrix are dissolving, and thus, the veil of perception for countless souls is shifting. Ancestral programming, patterns, and belief systems are dismantling, giving rise to new realities and timelines.

With the transition into the Age of Aquarius, many are seeking and reconnecting to their truest essence at the soul level and realising that there is more than meets the eye, and there is life beyond Earth. This occurrence is referred to as The New Earth or Consciousness Awakening!

Those souls who have embarked on their journey in other star systems, galaxies, and universes before arriving on Earth are known as Starseeds. Through the alignment of fixed stars and the exploration of the Akashic records, which unveil past lives on Earth and in different star systems, we can assist you in unveiling your distinctive cosmic path and its connection to your current life.

Are you ready to explore your higher guidance, gain a deeper understanding of your life’s purpose and enhance your connection with the Universe?

Galactic Illuminations

  • 60 minute reading in person or via Zoom
  • Recorded for easy playback
  • Galactic Astrological chart PDF included

Optional extras

A – Galactic Deep Dive

B – Cosmic Wisdom Coaching

Investment – $111 AUD

Expand your consciousness by shining a light on your perfection.

This session includes in-depth analysis and intuition:

  • Discover your dominant star Family where we reveal your celestial lineage shaping your every day and influencing your soul journey on Earth
  • Meet your spirit guides who are the supportive entities guiding you through life’s twists and turns, offering wisdom and assistance
  • Navigate Life’s Gifts and Challenges as gain insight into how your soul’s journey is intertwined with both blessings and hurdles, empowering you to overcome obstacles and embrace opportunities

Galactic Deep Dive

  • 90 minute reading in person or via Zoom

  • Recorded for easy playback

  • Galactic Astrological chart PDF included

Optional extras

Cosmic Wisdom Coaching

Investment – $222 AUD

Capture the richness and complexity of your dynamic and multi-dimensional self.

  • Explore Your Multidimensional Self by delving into the complexity of your essence, uncovering layers of cosmic identity and connection
  • Discover Your Cosmic Origin and learn about your soul’s origin and its journey across the galaxies, revealing deeper insights into your purpose and existence
  • Understand Your Soul’s Mission and gain clarity on your soul’s purpose and mission in this lifetime, aligning yourself with the cosmic flow of creation and evolution
  • Connect with Galactic Councils and explore your connection to higher realms of consciousness and cosmic governance, accessing wisdom and guidance for your journey
  • Embrace Soul Essence Colors by understanding the vibrational essence of your soul through the colours that define your energy, enhancing your understanding of self and connection with the Source

Guiding you to greater depth in your cosmic journey