Galactic Astrology

Have you ever considered the origin of your soul or wondered about its experiences beyond this life?  Since ancient times, your soul has embarked on an extensive journey across the cosmos. Discover the links between your current life and your galactic expedition.

Galactic Astrology connects to the fixed star alignments and accesses your Akashic records to reveal your past lives, both here on earth and in different star systems.

I create a safe and secure space by connecting to you intuitively during our sessions either in person or via Zoom.

Sessions are finished up with an intentional question from yourself, drawing a message from the Galactic Heritage divination cards, so you can gain greater clarification from your session. 

The intent of our sessions is to assist in the release of blocks and issues brought forward from the past, to clarify your life purpose and to connect you to your higher wisdom.

Allow me to assist you as your intuitive spiritual life coach and galactic astrologer.

Starseed Heritage


Discover your galactic origins and lineage.

This session will help you:

  • Learn about your ancient galactic history
  • Discover your galactic family’s heritage
  • Explore your recent galactic soul connections and the star nations where you previously incarnated
  • Explore your most relevant past lives on Earth to gain further understanding of your soul’s journey
  • Gain important guidance from your higher self with a Galactic Card read

* 60 minute session

Zodiana Website Elements

Galactic Illuminations


Explore star family ties & direction to aid your ascension.  

This session includes the Starseed Heritage insights as well as additional in-depth analysis and intuition: 

  • Gain insight into your primary star family connections, significant alignments, and other crucial points in your galactic astrological chart
  • Discover your unique light, support & soul direction from your star frequencies
  • Explore the significant life themes that represent the blueprint of your divine soul essence in human form
  • Guidance on your soul’s unresolved karmic patterns that may be limiting you, as well as insights to help you move toward achieving your highest potential

* 90 minute session


Akashic Insights

Unveil your soul essence & divine guidance in your earthly experience.

This extensive & in-depth session includes both the Starseed Heritage and Galactic Illumination sessions, along with the following analysis and intuition:

  • Understand your soul’s colour and the ray it is connected to
  • Identify the divine beings guiding you on your journey such as Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Spirit Guides
  • Learn which specific galactic collective is guiding you in this earthly life

* 2.5 hour session (may be offered over two shorter sessions)