Quantum Vision Quest

  • 8 x 60 min sessions held in person or via Zoom (up to 4 months)
  • Comprehensive pre-coaching intake questionnaire for a holistic perspective
  • Strategising before each session for clear focus
  • Integration process following each session to reflect and absorb
  • Online support available between sessions
  • Supplementary free resources to enhance understanding
  • Customised assignments and tasks for progress and accountability

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This coaching package is all about creating personal clarity, identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs, and formulating a confident vision for the future.

In this package, you’ll delve into various aspects of personal and spiritual development, with all sessions dedicated to your growth and empowerment. This includes:

  • Reflect on your core values and beliefs, aligning them with your aspirations for personal growth
  • Learn strategies to confront fears and develop resilience, empowering you to navigate challenges with bravery
  • Unlock wisdom from your astrological chart to understand personality traits, strengths, and cosmic influences shaping your journey
  • Explore astrological South and North Nodes to understand karmic lessons and align with your true purpose
  • Learn techniques to balance and activate chakras, promoting holistic health and inner balance
  • Use mindset techniques to align thoughts and beliefs with goals for effective manifestation
  • Discover crystal properties and use them to amplify intentions, promote healing, and manifest abundance
  • Cultivate a connection with intuition for clarity and guidance in decision-making
  • Overcome mindset barriers to achieve professional goals and leave a meaningful legacy aligned with values
  • Celebrate achievements, set intentions for continued growth, ensuring the journey of empowerment continues beyond coaching

This coaching package caters to individuals committed to personal and spiritual growth, who are seeking clarity, resilience, and alignment with their aspirations. The program fosters intuition, tackles mindset barriers, and sets goals for professional and personal fulfillment. Ultimately, it celebrates achievements and ensures continued growth beyond coaching.


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