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Business & Career Coaching

Personalised Soul-Aligned Sessions

Are you ready to discover and activate your soul’s mission and highest potential?
I would love to work with you!

One-on-one soul-aligned sessions that include either Astrology and Human Design to inspire and empower you to embrace your gifts and talents in your business & career.

These sessions are particularly powerful for entrepreneurial, innovative soul-searchers who are looking to:

  • seek more clarity, understanding and depth of their personality
  • know where their hidden strengths, and talents lie and the reasonings behind their challenges
  • improve their self-confidence and to learn how to be in flow with their own energy
  • find direction on their current career path, so they no longer feel a little lost, confused or off track
  • gain knowledge and skills on how to align with their core purpose
  • Advice on where they’re meant to be putting their focus right now to make a bigger difference in their life’s work
  • A feel-good plan based on how the planetary energies affect you now and in the future

All I need to get started is the exact date, time and location of your birth.

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Discover your luminary talents

The Mini Dip is an introduction to your personality and your fundamental role in this lifetime.


Discover the essence that you shine out into the world and your emotional nature.  You will learn about your two brightest and most influential energies in the sky, the Sun & Moon in your natal blueprint.  Your Sun represents your vitality, ego and self-expression; your spirit.  Your Moon represents your instincts, habits and moods; your emotional landscape.  Additionally, you will learn the importance of your Ascendant and how to best radiate your luminary talents out into your world.

A perfect session to anyone new to Astrological terms and how your luminary energy influences your personality.

* Sessions are 45min, conducted on Zoom, recorded and emailed post discussion

* Suggested Optional Extra – Luminary Report 

Reveal your soul magnificence

The Deep Dive is an in-depth session of learning about your individual characteristics including your strengths and challenges.


Absorb the wisdom of your qualities, your behaviours and what makes you tick. You will learn about the valuable energies of our solar system that have been imbedded in your natal blueprint.  We will cover your luminaries (where you are to shine in this lifetime), your ascendant (the role you are here to play), your inner and outer planetary energies (your personal and money mindset, values, your natural drives, where you have the most luck and areas of potential growth.  We will also cover your daily habits and the type of relationships that you are attracted to, both personally and professionally.  Additionally, you will learn how these energies relate and communicate with each other; ie. your inner wiring. 

Combining this knowledge with understanding how to utilise your aura to enhance your natural life direction (ie. North Node) this session is perfect for anyone wanting to strengthen and maximise their everyday in their business and career.

* Sessions are conducted on Zoom, recorded and emailed post discussion

* Suggested Optional Extra – Cosmic Blueprint & Human Design Report 

Strengthen your business & career direction

Roadmap Magic is the perfect session to prepare and guide you forward in your business and career.  Best supported by a previous Mini Dip or Deep Dive session to consolidate your learnings. 


Working with astrological timing techniques of your solar return, transits and secondary progressions, this session will bring insightful knowledge into navigating the cosmic energies ahead in time.  A fabulous session for developing business & career strategy for creation, innovation, setting new and conscious intentions and preparing for the cosmic weather ahead for the next 12 months.

* Sessions are 90min, conducted on Zoom, recorded and emailed post discussion

The core essence of what I do is help people understand themselves better. Once we're aligned with who we are, everything is possible.

Business & Career Coaching

Are you ready for real transformation that aligns your business & career goals with the purpose and energy of your soul?

Every dream has to begin somewhere, and it’s often in the unlikeliest of places. If you’re on the road to living out your biggest goals and dreams, you’ll soon find that it rarely takes a linear path. Everyone’s journey is different, and even when we have a solid plan, we often find ourselves doing work or trying things we never would have imagined.

Transform your business & career journey

These sessions are particularly powerful for:

  • Supporting you in identifying specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based goals that help you outline or improve your career steps
  • How to set crystal-clear clarity in your business and career including your leadership and entrepreneurial qualities
  • Have been impacted by the changes from the pandemic and looking for a new direction in your career
  • Feeling a little stuck in your career and not quite sure what to do next
  • How to promote yourself & to create a business that you wholeheartedly love and works with your energy flow
  • How to set up powerful systems, procedures and structures that are deeply aligned with your core, supporting your work that allows you time to focus on what truly matters
  • How to build strong foundations for you to grow from in your business and career
  • Understand your preferred working style and location
  • How to create amazing products and services that are unique to you


We work through:

$229 AUD/fortnight

3 x 90min sessions

email support between sessions

3 x fortnightly payments

Total price = $687 AUD


We work through:

$209 AUD/fortnight

6 x 90min sessions

email support between sessions

6 x fortnightly payments

Total price = $1254 AUD

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Would you like to purchase a discounted Luminary or Deep Dive report to support you throughout your coaching?

You can arrange this when you book your initial appointment as an optional extra.

A Personalised Guide To Your Soul Energy

Luminary Report

Luminary Report $179 AUD

A customised 10 page that explores your Astrology signature – Sun, Moon & Ascendant.  This guide reveals your identify, purpose and where your inner creativity shine’s best in your business & career.  Learning about your ‘Big Three’ allows you to harness your sun’s energy to achieve, your moon’s reflective energy for emotional instinct and your Ascendant to walk the world with more strength.

Sharpen The View of Yourself

Cosmic Blueprint & Human Design Report

Blueprint & Human Design Report $299 AUD

Astrology and Human Design are maps to your patterns, loops and cycles that provide valuable knowledge of greater self-awareness. This self-awareness allows insightful understanding of your personality, purpose, values, beliefs and your own energy system.
This extensive bespoke report includes over 40 pages of colourful detail and complete interpretations from a career perspective, this report reveals your talents and potentials that create a springboard for your future.

To know thyself is to love thyself... and others with authenticity.