Life and Career Coaching

Unlock your potential and accelerate your life and career transition with expert coaching using the ancient tool of Astrology.

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Mini Dip

In this session, you can explore your personality and discover where you excel the most.

  • Gain insight into the essence you project to the world, as well as your emotional nature
  • Learn about the significance of the Sun and Moon in your astrological chart. Your Sun reflects your vitality, ego, and self-expression, while your Moon represents your instincts, habits, and moods
  • Discover the importance of your Ascendant and how to radiate your talents into the world

This session is perfect for those new to astrology, as it will help you understand how your luminary energy shapes your personality.

* 45 minute session

* Suggested Optional Extra – Luminary Report 

Deep Dive

This session provides a thorough understanding of your unique traits, including strengths and challenges. 


  • where to excel in this lifetime using your luminaries, inner and outer planetary energies, and learn how to effectively showcase your talents to the world
  • Gain insights into your personal and money mindset, values, natural drives, areas of luck, and potential for growth
  • Understanding the interaction between your daily habits, relationships, and inner wiring will help you leverage your aura to enhance your natural life direction, especially your North Node

This session is an excellent opportunity for anyone seeking to improve their career and everyday life.

* 60 minute session

* Suggested Optional Extra – Deep Dive Report 

Roadmap Magic

This session helps prepare & guide you forward in your life & career.  Best supported by a previous Mini Dip or Deep Dive session to consolidate your learnings.

You will learn insights into navigating future cosmic energies by working with your solar return (the time the sun returns to the position it was in at your birth), transits (the current positions of planets and how they impact your birth chart), and secondary progressions (how your birth chart evolves over time).

A fabulous session for:

  • Developing strategies for designing your life and career
  • Innovating and setting conscious new intentions
  • preparing for the cosmic weather ahead for the next 6 to 12 months

* 60 minute session

Career Analysis

Gain clarity on your profession, goals and develop a clear path forward.

A session to help you:

  • identify your strengths, skills & unique abilities
  • identify challenges and how to leverage them
  • identifying clear steps to reach desired career path
  • improve job search strategies
  • enhancement of job satisfaction and connection to colleagues

A perfect session if you are returning to work or considering a career change.

* 60 minute session

Quantum Soul Guidance

Tailored life and career coaching for personal growth and development.

Discovering your unique talents and gifts is just the first step.  After completing the Mini Dip, Deep Dive or Career Analysis sessions, you can unlock even more potential through intuitive coaching sessions that incorporate the power of Quantum Soul Guidance. 

These one-on-one sessions utilise a blend of Traditional, Modern and Soul-Centred Astrology, as well as the Quantum field, to inspire and empower you.  These sessions are particularly powerful for:

  • identifying specific, measurable, achievable, relevant & time-based goals
  • action planning
  • accountability
  • mindset shifts
  • karmic healing
  • skill development
  • reflection and feedback
  • an opportunity to celebrate your success


$229 AUD/fortnight

3 x 90min sessions

email support between sessions

3 x fortnightly payments

Total price = $687 AUD


$209 AUD/fortnight

6 x 90min sessions

email support between sessions

6 x fortnightly payments

Total price = $1254 AUD

How we work together

One-on-one sessions that blend Traditional, Modern and Soul-Centred Astrology to inspire and empower you to embrace your gifts and talents.

These sessions are designed to:

  • give you more clarity and understanding of your personality
  • gain knowledge of your hidden strengths, and talents and the reasons behind your challenges
  • boost your self-confidence to be in flow with your own energy
  • find direction on your current career path, so you no longer feel lost, confused or off track
  • gain knowledge and skills on how to align with your core purpose
  • identify where you’re meant to be putting your focus right now
  • offer you a plan based on how the planetary energies affect you now and in the future

All we need to get started is the exact date, time & location of your birth!

(Don’t know yours? Click here!)

Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life is one of the top coaching tools used to help understand how aligned you are in the present time.  Please click on “Start the Assessment” and complete your answers to see how ‘aligned’ you are.