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Have you ever looked back at your life and thought, “Wow, I never saw myself ending up here”? That’s exactly how I felt when I became a Life & Career Coach specialising in Astrology.

Growing up as the youngest and only girl in a blended family of five boys in a small town in northern New South Wales, Australia, my childhood was often noisy and chaotic. However, my love for the outdoors, independence, and fascination with the sky never faded. I was a gifted athlete and passionate about sports, representing positions at regional and state levels in various sports.

Sadly, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was only four years old and passed away when I was a teenager. Losing my mother at such a young age deeply impacted me, but my passion for helping others and getting the most out of life remained.  I went on to study and work in the travel industry, gifting many trips to amazing destinations around the world.

As my first Saturn Return approached, I transitioned my career towards the Health & Wellness industry and became a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach. But it wasn’t until 2011 when Neptune entered Pisces, that I was truly called to explore the deepest realms of my subconscious mind and embark on a journey of self-understanding.

I explored various personality profiling systems and attended seminars and workshops to develop myself further. It was during this time that I was introduced to Astrology and completed my certification as a Life & Career Coach. However, it has been recently that Galactic Astrology that truly called to my soul. Galactic Astrology explores the origin of the soul and its journey across the cosmos, connecting to the fixed star alignments and accessing the Akashic records to reveal past lives.

Today, I am a Life & Career Coach specialising in Astrology, helping my clients connect to their Starseed heritage and beyond, to operate more effectively in their everyday lives and career. The Age Of Aquarius is upon us, and it’s time to embrace our higher purpose and meaning on this planet.

If you’re ready to explore your soul’s journey and unlock your true potential, I’m here to guide you. 

Gabby  xx

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